Grove Park Community Association

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Durham, NC 27703
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Grounds Committee

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Committee Chairperson:Ken Pigg
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Grounds Committee is made up of members of the community that focus on the common area landscaping, particularly the streetscapes and most amenities, excluding the pool. The Committee makes recommendations for improvements and upgrades to the landscaping to the Board of Directors.

The Committee acts as the liaison to the Board with the Association's landscape contractor and make recommendations for adjustments to the work of the landscaper. The Committee will also assist the Board with the selection of a landscape contractor when the contract renewal occurs.

The Committee will make recommendations to the Board regarding an appropriate annual budget for landscaping and a budget for implementing its grounds improvement recommendations.

All homeowners are invited to participate. We meet twice a month. If you are interested, please join us on the 2nd Wednesday and the 4th Thursday at 6:30PM in the Clubhouse.

Reduce neighborhood traffic speeds: After a concern was raised about the excessive speeding throughout the community, the city of Durham was contacted to do a speed study on Guy Walker Way.  The results of the study are posted on the bottom of this page. Their conclusion was that 85% speeds are at 29 mph and that this does not rise to a level where police would dispatch targeted enforcement. As a reminder when driving throughout the community, please slow down and stick to the speed limit. 

Tennis Courts:

After several years of planning by the Board of Directors, office management team, and Grounds Committee along with invaluable input from the Grove Park homeowners we are very excited to announce that the tennis courts and basketball court will be available tomorrow, September 9th at noon. We would also like to thank all of the volunteers from the Grounds Committee for their input and timeless effort in helping us bring this project to completion. 

There are a set of rules posted on both the tennis and basketball courts that must be adhered to. Your access card must be used to gain entry into the courts.  A special thanks to the Grove Park homeowners for your patience, understanding, and support. Enjoy your new courts.


John E Byrd

Construction Schedule:

September 6th- The final details are being completed and the courts are scheduled to open 9/9 in conjunction with the pool party.

August 30th- The contractor is completing the final punch list items for the tennis/basketball courts. These items are expected to be completed with in the next two weeks. Once these items are complete, we will send out an email to the community before it opens.

August 8th- Basketball backboards were installed

August 1st- August 17th- painting the surface of the courts & installation of the access card readers

This schedule is weather permitting.

Walking Trail: Update 10/9/17- The paving of the walking trail is set to begin around November 6, 2017. The work is expected to take up to a week. We will post a schedule and time frame once we get closer to the date and receive more information.

 Due to the subsurface issues found at the tennis court we decided to investigate the subsurface of the walking trail prior to paving. That work is in process now and the plan is to proceed with paving once weather permits.

If you have any questions, please contact the Grove Park management staff at 919-957-7672 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . If you would like to receive updates on the project, be sure to let the staff know and that they have your email address.

Download this file (Guy Walker Way 2.pdf)Speed Study on Guy Walker Way City of Durham speed study results
Download this file (Durham Preliminary Flood Hazard DataPublic Mtg 7.28.16.pdf)Durham County Preliminary Flood Hazard DataPublic Meeting 7/28/2016
Download this file (NCDENR letter 5.29.15.pdf)NCDENR Dam Inspection ReportLetter from NCDENR after the last inspection on May 29, 2015
Download this file (Grove Park Trail_Construction Plans_24x36_2014-10-15.pdf)Walkling Trail Paving Construction Plansdesign plans from engineer on walking trail
Download this file (2013-14 Grove Park Lake Hydrology report (Final).pdf)Hydrology ReportFindings from the 2013 Partial Lake Drawdown
Download this file (2013 Hydro Scope and Fee.pdf)Lake Drawdown Project description and plan
Download this file (Grove Park Lake Contour map3 0.pdf)2011 Grove Park Lake Contour Map2011 Grove Park Lake Contour Map-Part of the 2011 Lake Study
Download this file (CCAP program meeting review.pdf)Review of July 13th CCAP meeting for residentsReveiw of CCAP meeting for residents to learn about possible funding to help with erosion controls
Download this file (CCAP brochure.pdf)CCAP brochureCommunity Conservation Assistance Program
Download this file (2011 Spangler Lake Study.pdf)2011 Lake StudySpangler Engineering Report on the Lake