Grove Park

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News & Updates

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Traffic light installation at NC 98 and Nichols Farm Dr/Oak Grove Parkway

As many of you are aware, exiting or entering from either the Lakeside or Linkside on to 98 during certain times of the day has become increasingly hazardous. It poses a serious safety issue not just for vehicles but also for individuals attempting to walk or bike across the highway. We are excited to announce that after several months of communication between the Grove Park HOA Board of Directors, Elite Management and the city of Durham, a traffic light has been approved by the city. Construction is scheduled to begin this spring with completion by early summer.

Update: As of February 24, 2017 the NCDOT provided the contractor with the plans for construction. The contractor will have to order supplies and materials, it will be sometime in May before you see any work taking place at the intersection.

Tennis Courts:

Construction Schedule:

May 8th: Proof Roll followed by geogrid and 6" of stone                                                                                                                                                                                                             May 10th: Paving                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    30 day Cure: During this time, fencing will be installed, net post and center strap foundations will be installed                                                                                                     June 10th: Surfacing of the courts to start no sooner than June 10th and take approximate 8 days to complete

This schedule is weather permitting.

Walking Trail:
Due to the subsurface issues found at the tennis court we decided to investigate the subsurface of the walking trail prior to paving. That work is in process now and the plan is to proceed with paving once weather permits.

Linkside Entrance Sign:
The damage to the entry wall is a result of a traffic accident.  We are currently in negotiations with the driver's insurance company in order to receive payment to cover the damages.  At the same time we are seeking bids for the repairs in order tat we be ready to proceed with the work as soon as the payment from the insurance company is received.  Our goal is to not use any HOA funds for the repairs.