Grove Park Community Association

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Durham, NC 27703
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News & Updates

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Bathroom reconstruction in the Fitness Center

Starting Wednesday, 9/20 the bathrooms in the fitness center will be under construction for renovations. During this time, the bathrooms and hallway area will be closed. Please do not attempt to enter the area once construction has started.

Traffic light installation at NC 98 and Nichols Farm Dr/Oak Grove Parkway

As many of you are aware, exiting or entering from either the Lakeside or Linkside on to 98 during certain times of the day has become increasingly hazardous. It poses a serious safety issue not just for vehicles but also for individuals attempting to walk or bike across the highway. We are excited to announce that after several months of communication between the Grove Park HOA Board of Directors, Elite Management and the city of Durham, a traffic light has been approved by the city. Construction is scheduled to begin this spring with completion by early summer.

Update: As of August 30, 2017 the NC DOT will begin the light installation on September 11. They will set foundations at that time and the concrete will need at least a week to cure before the project can be completed. 

Update: As of August 1, 2017 the NC DOT will be pouring concrete for the posts of the traffic light next week (week of 8/7-8/12). They hope to have the light installation completed by the end of August.

Update: As of May 22, 2017 the NCDOT hopes to get the signal work started sometime in June or July.

Tennis/Basketball Courts:

After several years of planning by the Board of Directors, office management team, and Grounds Committee along with invaluable input from the Grove Park homeowners we are very excited to announce that the tennis courts and basketball court will be available tomorrow, September 9th, at noon. We would also like to thank all of the volunteers from the Grounds Committee for their input and timeless effort in helping us bring this project to completion. 

There are a set of rules posted on both the tennis and basketball courts that must be adhered to. Your access card must be used to gain entry into the courts.  A special thanks to the Grove Park homeowners for your patience, understanding, and support. Enjoy your new courts.


John E Byrd

Construction Schedule:

September 6th- The final details are being completed and the courts are scheduled to open 9/9 in conjunction with the pool party. 

August 30th- The contractor is completing the final punch list items for the tennis/basketball courts. These items are expected to be completed with in the next two weeks. Once these items are complete, we will send out an email to the community before it opens. 

August 8th- Basketball backboards were installed 

August 1st- August 17th- painting the surface of the courts & installation of the access card readers

This schedule is weather permitting.

Walking Trail:

Update 10/9- The paving of the walking trail is set to begin around November 6, 2017. The work is expected to take up to a week. We will post a schedule and time frame once we get closer to the date and receive more information.

Due to the subsurface issues found at the tennis court we decided to investigate the subsurface of the walking trail prior to paving. That work is in process now and the plan is to proceed with paving once weather permits.

Linkside Entrance Sign:

The damage to the entry wall is a result of a traffic accident. We received funds for the repair the week of May 29th and hope to begin work by July 17th.

This schedule is weather permitting.